Before delivered to the market, every TANGIN watch provided to you has been tested, according to the strict quality control procedures, including various rigorous tests such as running test, water resistance test and standard crash test. While ensuring high quality watch manufacturing process, TANGIN has joined the International Warranty Service, with the worldwide warranty card, to shoulder the responsibility for potential manufacturing defects and reassure customers. The distributors authorized by TANGIN provide 24 months (two years) International Warranty Service for you, with the warranty period coming into effect from the date of purchase or the date of signing in. The authorized distributors of TANGIN shall correctly fill out the international warranty card before it comes into effect.


The following conditions are not included in the range of free warranty service:

1. The natural wear and tear of watch appearance (the surface materials such as the watch band, dial, crystal, hands and dial plate);

2. Damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, improper wear and use, and wear and tear;

3. Damages caused by repairing the watch in any maintenance department which is not authorized and designated by the company;

4. Without a valid warranty certificate or sales invoice, or beyond the warranty period.