Swiss tangin watch sky series T1027 launched

Date:2021-04-22 Author:TANGIN Read:1807

The rotation of Ferris wheel is romantic, which almost every girl looks forward to. Elegant and full of expectations in the sky, there is an encounter about you and the ultimate romance. The Swiss tangin watch sky series is inspired by the ferris wheel, which represents the beautiful dream of young girls. The blank is decorated with shining crystal. The ferris wheel shaped dial is elegant and elegant. It focuses on the wrist, sometimes shining and sometimes tender.
The Swiss tangin watch sky series is based on the description of women's soft and romantic, with warmth and romance. The simple lines outline the fashion attitude. The exquisite design shines brightly in the light, showing the elegant style between the wrists.
Unique details for modern and elegant Aesthetics
Coincidentally, the details add different delicacy. Decorated with 12 time symbol crystals, it is like the consummation of Ferris wheel, turning the whole dial into 12 beautiful hopes, fitting different hearts' desire for beauty. 12 o'clock is inlaid with details of love form, which interprets the beauty of art every second, and integrates exquisite craftsmanship to give it a unique romantic charm.
Stainless steel strap, noble silver and elegant gold collision, simple but textural color, emitting a different kind of delicate light, creating a low-key sense of luxury.
Women's beauty shines brightly
Women's charm will shine in time. Just like the Swiss tangin watch sky series T1027, which is on the market this time, it is decorated with crystal from the dial to the bezel. The brilliance of every move is depicting your unique light. The uniqueness of Fritillaria adds more advanced feeling to the whole. The simple but not simple dial is shining like a bright star.
The watch has no redundant design, and it has its own characteristics in simplicity, so it is not too monotonous. The glittering embellishment retains women's inner tenderness and vision, and the simple and generous female image is more confident and special.
Pure shining aesthetics, enjoy the elegant journey. The Swiss tangin watch sky system T1027 is ready to be launched. It integrates romance and elegance to show the female charm of self-confidence and elegance. The simple and generous design style adds elegant temperament to the wrist. It radiates magnificent brilliance, exquisite and chic, and shows the female charm and dazzling charm in every move.