The first business watch in tangin, Switzerland, and zytglogge series show professionalism

Date:2021-07-27 Author:TANGIN Read:1800
The precise requirements of professionals for time are like the exquisite pursuit of life, so the business watch came into being. Most business watches are too formal, but commuter watches can also have their own unique colors. Tangin, Switzerland, launched its first business-oriented watch, zytglogge series t7066, which was surprise listed. Through the unique design of the dial, the matching of different colors, the high gloss of real diamond, etc., it interprets the classic and innovative style of business people in many aspects.
Among the classics, they are different
Not limited to the changes brought by color, tanginzytglogge series t7066 has been adjusted from the surface design. The overall style is still classic and atmospheric. The surface elements are different from elegant Roman numerals to shining real diamond inlay. The dial is decorated with unique details from the sun pattern to the Fritillaria dial, and then to the bright blue sandstone. It also brings a trace of personality in the formal business, highlighting the distinctive high-grade texture.
Between the bright, show your true self
Zytglogge series t7066 time symbols are decorated with real diamonds, which interprets elegance to the extreme. Whether the inlay of square diamonds or the ornament of round diamonds are in line with a balanced artistic sense. At the same time, the 18K gold inlaid with diamond at 6 o'clock shows the elegance of platinum, the dignity of gold and the delicacy of rose gold incisively and vividly. Shining is far more than real diamond. With the description of 18K gold, it makes the whole beautiful and not vulgar.
Business first choice, blooming brilliance
The new tangin is a collection business concept watch, which mainly provides more possibilities for working women to show different moments of true self. The watch is equipped with Swiss mechanical movement, which not only pays tribute to the long history of Switzerland, but also integrates the massiness of Swiss craftsman spirit with time. A variety of colors complement each other, with thousands of shapes, interpreting the story of the new era. The description of the word classics is hidden and shining in the flow of years.
Explore classics without end. With its far-sighted creativity, Swiss tangin explores the highlights, pays tribute to the classics with outstanding Swiss craftsmanship, shows the unique charm of the watch, and highlights the perfect mastery of taste, creativity and skills by Swiss tangin. Tianjun has achieved a good reputation for quality and service. So that thousands of consumers can have a gift from time, so that every good time can be lasting and immortal in the classics.