True self on every side

Date:2021-11-12 Author:TANGIN Read:1668
 True self on every side
Swiss tangin watch zytglogge series is a wrist watch focusing on workplace positioning, creating classic but unforgettable design features and colors for different business people. The tanginzytglogge series t7066 wristwatch, performed by well-known film actor Feng Wenjuan, shows a different true personality and interprets more possibilities.
Feng Wenjuan is wearing zytglogge series t7066lwbab this time. The biggest highlight is the dial rendered with blue sandstone, which shows a unique sense of mystery and the glittering texture of real diamonds. Eight real diamonds and Roman numerals turn into twelve moments, simple but not simple. At 6 o'clock, the 18K platinum gold medal is inlaid into a diamond shape, which reflects each other with the real diamond, depicts an extraordinary moment and creates a different publicity personality.
What is different from the past is that the surface design and color of tangin table zytlog series t7066 have made different changes. By using Fritillaria surface and blue sandstone surface, it highlights different true self moments. At the same time, 18K gold of different materials is matched with the surface to make the color more bold, with a trace of personality in the formal business, highlighting the distinctive high-level texture. The watch is equipped with Swiss mechanical movement, which not only pays tribute to the long history of Switzerland, but also integrates the massiness of Swiss craftsman spirit with time.
Feng Wenjuan wears the zytglogge series on the blue sandstone surface, which echoes the overall shape, breaking the tradition in black and white, setting off each other with the profound blue sandstone dial, showing the overall aura and carving a different workplace personality. Between the fusion of mystery and personality, it shows her cool temperament.
Zytgglogge series shows different time stories in a classic style, interprets years with classics, and has its own true chapter for a long time. T7066, as a workplace watch, provides more possibilities for professionals. With its far-reaching creativity, Swiss tangin watch explores highlights, pays tribute to classics with outstanding Swiss craftsmanship, shows the unique charm of the watch, and highlights the perfect mastery of taste, creativity and skills of Swiss tangin watch.