Being Towards Beauty! Tangin brings the Pearl watch to explain the beauty of warmth

Date:2022-08-31 Author:TANGIN Read:1453
Being  Towards Beauty! Tangin brings the Pearl watch to explain the beauty of warmth
Princess Diana said, "if a woman can only have one piece of jewelry in her life, it must be a pearl.". In the passage of time, we always have a good desire for the world. Tangin also adheres to the original intention of exploring women's warmth and aesthetics. With pure and shining pearls as the design inspiration, we excavate the beauty of time and carve the new Tangthe Pearl series watches.
Pearls are the gems of the moon god. Their tenacity and stubbornness can always grow in pain, hone in time, and then give birth to crystal light. From then on, they are elegant and have their own strength. The shining pearl embellishes the years. The Swiss tangin watch the Pearl series t1070l is inspired by elegant pearls, drawing on the delicate posture of pearls to depict elegance in the eternal years.
"The Pearl" wristwatch shows different elegant postures with square and round dials. The square shows the retro personality, and the round continues the classic shadow. The central part of the ear is equipped with a 5mm natural pearl inlaid by hand, which echoes with the rose gold color matching, scattering the bright color and the moon like radiance in every moment. It is elegant and flexible, with both art and fashion.
In the dial, the scattered minute and second lines and embellished crystals shine heartily, which is particularly beautiful, vivid and full of texture. The Pearl strap expresses its unique personality with different colors and materials. Bordeaux red is full of passion, the universe is dark, mysterious and low-key, and the wizard of Oz green is flexible and elegant. It cures the gentle temperament of milk coffee and interprets the elegant charm of women in many ways. The watch is matched with the original Swiss quartz movement, giving off the most primitive and pure beauty from the inside to the outside.
Every girl is born as a pearl. While maintaining her love for life, she also has an unyielding attitude. From small and mediocre to radiant, she is blooming with delicate and beautiful gentle light. "The Pearl" wristwatch tells the story of women's life. Gazing at the pearl is like gazing at herself and showing her colorful.
With elegance as the core, Tangthe Pearl series broke through the traditional boundaries for the first time, creating rare wrist products from a young perspective, depicting women's posture with multiple colors and innovative designs, and demonstrating the elegant attitude of being towards beauty.