To explore the secrets of the ocean:Tangin Power Series diving watches are newly launched

Date:2022-01-10 Author:TANGIN Read:1912

Follow the wind and waves, dive to the dark blue and feel the power of the ocean. When it comes to diving watches, we can always think of the charm of deep diving. The Swiss tangin power series t8019g diving watch shocked the market and created a deep diving hour meter with a unique and personalized design. It fully integrates the classic element design and innovative exceptional elements of tangin watch making history for many years, and can meet all your expectations for professional diving watches.

The watch mirror adopts sapphire glass mirror, and the watch ring is made of polished ceramics and 316L fine steel. It can resist corrosion at any time. T8019g, as a tangin diving watch, is waterproof to a depth of 300m. At the same time, it is equipped with a screw in dial, which can be waterproof to the greatest extent,. Extend the service life of the watch and bring safety guarantee to divers.

Although the Swiss tangin power series t8019 is used as a diving watch, its practical functions are also in place. The time scale pointer and time symbol scale in the dial are coated with luminous materials to emit light in a dark environment. In a darker environment, the brightness is stronger, bringing accurate time reporting to the wearer all the time. At the same time, the timing of the watch ring adopts the one-way rotation mode. Once it is opened, it can be tightly locked to prevent accidental rotation at any time and escort you every sneak.

Because the diving suit will be compressed and compressed in the deep sea and expand when returning to the water surface, it is inconvenient for divers to operate in this case. In view of this phenomenon, tangin watch specifically provides a chain folding safety buckle for this watch and is equipped with an extension system. It can be adjusted freely and is not bound, whether it is diving or daily wear.

Swiss tangin watch power series, as the sports watch series in tangin watch, shows more combination of power and beauty. The trend of sports is affecting the fashion style and creativity unprecedentedly. The power series draws inspiration from the trend of sports, volatilizes the profound process heritage of Swiss watchmaking which is good at precision manufacturing, and integrates high-tech precise timing technology. Each can be called a classic of watchmaking technology and a modern watch aesthetic model surpassing the times, so as to enjoy the speed and passion of sports with you.