New arrival:sunrise impression series romantic

Date:2021-08-09 Author:TANGIN Read:1879
As for the appearance of women, there are a variety of forms and different colors. Inspired by the beautiful sunrise, Swiss Tianjun watch presents every side of her perfectly - Sunrise impression series t1012 romantic listing. The delicate and shining dial design interprets women's tenderness and style, elegant and leaping between the wrists, high-grade but low-key.
Sunrise at sea, the beginning of romance
Swiss Tianjun watch sunrise impression series takes the sunrise rising slowly at sea level as the design inspiration to create her aesthetic moment. At sunrise, it is the beginning of romantic performance. It depicts the feminine beauty with the rich colors blooming in the sea sunrise picture. The overall style of the watch is smooth and elegant, exquisite and unique, and the design characteristics of jumping and shining are never tired of people.
The stars are bright and bring their own light
Sunrise impression t1012 runs through the watch with "shining" and "unique". The dial is presented in different forms, and the unique pearl Fritillaria depicts softness in an indelible way; The surface of blue sandstone is shining, dotted with mysterious temperament; The sun radiation pattern vividly carves the sunrise shape to show the atmospheric texture. The hour sign is decorated with 12 bright crystals, which echo each other in a circle of crystals. It spreads the shine to the connection of the watch and ear, showing a dazzling brilliance between hands and feet. Every moment has its own light, which twinkles flexibly in every minute.
The choice of heart is more than Tanabata
The new Tianjun watch is a watch for women, which defines a different moment of self. It is gentle and generous, mysterious and charming, intellectual and elegant... Her every moment has a surprising charm. The watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement, which is thin and exquisite, and the "core" moves as before. A variety of colors complement each other, explaining thousands of shapes with colors, and interpreting different time stories at the same time.
The simple design seems simple, but it hides reversed details. There has never been more than one kind of beauty. The Swiss Tianjun watch explores the highlights with its far-reaching creativity, pays tribute to the classics with outstanding Swiss craftsmanship, shows the unique charm of the watch, and highlights the perfect mastery of taste, creativity and skills of the Swiss Tianjun watch.