Tangin is a beautiful and dynamic player. Swiss charity golf is perfect!

Date:2021-06-24 Author:TANGIN Read:1814
On June 20, the 2021 Paul acola charity golf tournament officially opened in greenden, Switzerland. As a long-term official partner of the golf tournament, tangin, Switzerland, interprets the elegance and vitality of golf on the charming Swiss green space, and shows more unique features.
The match arrived as promised and the original intention of the sport remained unchanged
Under the condition of strict control of the epidemic situation, the Swiss Paul acola Charity Golf Championship overcame many difficulties and finally arrived in glindon, Switzerland as promised - a golf championship beneficial to youth sports. Even if COVID-19 is aggressive, it will still not be able to extinguish the enthusiasm of athletes for golf events. 68 competitors have enjoyed a magnificent event in the best weather.
The Swiss tangin and Paul Accola have reached a deep cooperation. The elegant attitude displayed by each swing is the interpretation of the term "elegance" from inside to outside. In many sports, tangin is in line with the spirit of golf. Every swing depicts determination and perseverance. Every moment of elegance is recorded one by one, which makes people not be inferior to the elegant charm of golf.
Blue is better than blue tangin witness of high light moment
In this competition, 18-year-old davoserin flurina B ä Tschi (Snowboard Alpin) and Sina fausch, a 16-year-old alpine skier from jenaz, won awards for their outstanding performance. Green than blue, and better than blue, in every sweat, tangin can see the essence of golf.
The Swiss government committee and sports minister Sportminister Dr. Jon Domenic Parolini.  also attended the charity tournament and expressed appreciation to the young athletes. He believes that sports can enhance the important qualities of athletes, including endurance, tolerance for setbacks and resilience. It is not only a golf game, but also a test for every contestant. However, tangin is also honored to witness the high light moment of athletes once again, and to finish the depiction of this.
Tangin and golf elegance are far more than just now
Golf brings the concept elements of "etiquette, civilization and self-discipline" into the sport, which is also the main reason why golf has become the world's most cultural sport. In golf, the swing is not only an elegant contest, but also a leisurely release.
The integration of tangin and Swiss Paul Akola charity golf tournament is the meeting of time and elegance, and the wisdom and optimism that has been discovered in the years. This year's competition ends perfectly again, but the elegant moment of life is far more than this moment. Only by enjoying life in minutes and seconds can we depict a fresh life.