Drawing Swords at the Rio Olympics

Date:2018-12-10 Author:TANGIN Read:2201

When confronted to rivals, ancient fencers would draw their swords, no matter how powerful their opponent, nor how slim the chance of winning. They would proudly make their way, even through defeat. This is the spirit of fencing.

The national female fencing team is composed of Xu Anqi, Sun Yujie, Sun Yiwen, and Hao Jialu. As defending champion, the Chinese national team had their mind and eyes set on the prize. After numerous breathtaking and difficult games, in which they defeated the Estonian, Ukrainian and Romanian teams among others, the Chinese national team qualified for the finals. 

Sun Yujie is Tangin’s ambassador, and has made Tangin proud by bringing the silver medal back from the women’s fencing competition at the 2016 Rio OIympics. This is a tremendous victory for the athletes, who are trained by French coach Levavasseur. 

We can only admire the beauty of competition and its subtle mix of strength, perseverance and everlasting ambition - a philosophy Tangin instills in all aspects of its watchmaking, backed  by professionals mastering true Swiss craftsmanship. Tangin is proud to be associated with the Chinese fencing team, and hope victories in both our fields will continue to transcend these values.