Brand Meeting of "Laurel Goddess"

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Fantasy forest mystery

Beautiful Greek legend

June 24

Swiss TANGIN  "Laurel  Goddess" series

New ladies watch release is taking place

“Wood hibiscus flowers is everywhere” Hunan  province has given this reputation to the Swiss TANGIN , giving the goddess Qin lan unlimited surprises! At the event, the people of Hunan participated in the climax of the enthusiasm, and the love of TANGIN new “Laurel Goddess” series watch was a tribute to the whole process.

The all-round plant, timely glazed texture embellishment, the event site to create a forest secret that belongs to the dream of the sky, let people hang around, forget the time, enjoy the moment.

At the event, the leaders of the Swiss TANGIN Asia Pacific, the chief designer of TANGIN, and the leader of Hanyu Watch, the leaders of the BBK Group and the star Qin Lan jointly unveiled the extraordinary charm of the new “Laurel Goddess” series ladies watch, and personally wear it for Qin Lan, The first watch of the "Laurel Goddess" series! The watch is entirely in the shape of a royal blue with a crystal diamond matched with a dial and a case. The smart design complements the elegant and sweet temperament of Qin Lan.

Extreme beauty

Not because of the passage of time

Dare to love

The desire to chase faith

Unyielding soul

Resolutely incarnate the laurel tree under the moon

Long hair

Only crowned for brave hearts

On-site goddess Qin Lan is a meticulous and intimate share of her favorite fans with the on-site guest fans: "The TANGIN 'Laurel Goddess' series watch is designed with classic style and fashion elements. Designed according to the unique physiological structure of women, I strongly agree and appreciate it.

It can be worn on a grand occasion or in casual wear. It allows me to control my time precisely in my busy work life. In the future, it must be my very intimate and practical companionship. ”

That night, TANGIN also prepared an elegant and grand thank-you banquet to taste the beauty of time with Chinese partners.

The dinner is still continuing the theme of the forest secrets of TANGIN, creating a beautiful time feast. It is worth mentioning that the TANGIN watch also specially moved the courageous and unyielding Laurel landscape to the scene. Let the guests feel like they are in the Greek legend. The brave and unyielding eyes of the laurel goddess are like a picture in the mind!

Quiet in the bustling city

Enjoy time in time chase

Be extraordinary in ordinary life

Swiss TANGIN "Laurel Goddess" series

New ladies watch

A tribute to the heart · Enjoy life