Swiss TANGIN Watch "Gifts of Time " Brand Launch Conference

Date:2019-01-22 Author:TANGIN Read:669

Beauty has always been taken enough time to brew. Every item takes time and patience to polish the beauty of the years. As a time-recording watch, we have always used top-level craftsmanship and superior techniques to ponder day and night. After years of baptism, we have created the world's products and recorded every unforgettable moment for people. Take time as a gift and enjoy everything that time gives. On November 20th,  Swiss TANGIN  "Gifts of Time" brand conference, were held in the historical and cultural "mountain city" Chongqing. Together with film star Yan Ni and brand spokesperson, world champion Sun Yujie, jointly released the new master series.

Chongqing Liberation Monument Square and Chongqing Westin Hotel, with the same dreams in different time and space, star-studded, dazzling, with flowers and TANGIN brand classic brand blue to create a beautiful time feast, in everyone's expectation, In the middle of the day, the Swiss TANGIN watch "Gifts of Time" brand launch and the thank-you dinner were staged.

The famous actor Yan Ni who People are looking forward to and the brand spokesperson, world champion Sun Yujie is pleased to help. I saw that Yan Ni was wearing fashion and elegance; while Sun Yujie wore a national team uniform to show the spirit of professional athletes. They also wear the same paragraph of the TANGIN watch, with different costumes, personality, and background to interpret the ingenuity of the TANGIN watch, which also brings out the charm of the TANGIN watch with their own temperament. Yan Ni and Sun Yujie shared their time views with each other. Yan Ni said, “As an actor, the job and time will make me better control my time. For the watch style, I personally like it. Simple and elegant." Just as she has changed her time, she has faded away from glitz, leaving her with a simple but quiet time.

Sun Yujie, the spokesperson of TANGIN, interpreted her time just as she understood the fencing movement: "Whether it is a watchmaking or a fencing game, it needs a peace of mind, a precise attack, and it takes years of accumulation and practice."

On-site TANGIN's customized video shows the charm of the watch of the TANGIN watch with an intuitive segment. The new TANGIN collection is inspired by the Renaissance classic Louis Moinet clock. The craftsman captures the beauty of time with a remarkable craftsmanship and condenses the complex timing in the square. The bold and elegant style injects new ideas into the time poems of TANGIN.

TANGIN's complex mechanical movement process once again reveals a new vision of advanced timepieces: the sophisticated concept of a sophisticated and complex movement combined with the workshop's top creativity, giving a richer look to the precious timepiece. 18K gold to create a watch case, multi-function movement mechanical power source, creative global design dial: date, week, month, moon phase chronograph circle intertwined, three-dimensional studs and TANGIN brand LOGO as a watch time . The jump off-color pointer is continuously indicated. Sketch the time and endless busyness.

The TANGIN Design and Creative Director interpreted the design with a wonderful speech, which made the guests feel the charm of the Swiss watch design. And a supermodel display, let the guests feel the exquisiteness of the counterfeit timepiece.

As night falls, the hour and hour move, marking the passing of time, the "Gifts of TIME" brand release will end in the crowd. The pulse of the mountain city of Chongqing has gradually calmed down, and the never-ending is the pursuit of time and the yearning for design. In the future, Swiss TANGIN will continue to inherit the craftsmanship and spirit of Swiss watchmaking, creating watch products with ingenuity, constantly innovating in design, crossing the boundaries of time and space, crossing the classics of the years, taking time as a gift and enjoying time. Everything, to the consumer to pass the Swiss Scorpio table "reading time, alcohol second" time attitude.