Gift of Time | Swiss TANGIN Watch Brand grand ceremony , will be unveiled in Chongqing Liberation Monument

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It is time which is the longest while the shortest,the fastest while the slowest,the most ordinary while the most valuable,ignored orten but make people regret most.

--------Maksim Gorky


Always flowing

Time is gone

Also always with us

Some people chase time, some people remember the time, and some people use time to dedicate their time... Swiss TANGIN watches, inheriting Swiss craftsmanship and spirit, creating watches and watches with ingenuity, constantly innovating in design, across time and space The boundaries, through the classics of the years, for you to dedicate the " Gifts of Time " brand festival, with you "read time, alcohol and minutes."

Liberation Monument, the monument  in the hearts of the people of Chongqing for forever

a gathering place for fashion trends

Here, I have defined countless classics.

Here, subverting many imaginations

Here, TANGIN is about to present a “ Gifts  of Time ” brand festival.

With new products, beyond the classics

Legend, shape the image

TANGIN and Yan Ni and world champion Sun Yujie will soon be airborne in Chongqing, offering " Gifts of Time"

On November 20th, 2016, TANGIN teamed up with Chinese film and television actor Yan Ni and women's epee world champion Sun Yujie to meet in Liberation Monument, the most monumental landmark in Chongqing, and to meet with consumers and to be the theme of “Gifts of Time”. The scene was unveiled at the opening of the 2016 new watch.

At the same time, in order to express gratitude to Chinese distributors and partners, Swiss TANGIN CEO and chief designer will also go to the scene from Switzerland, which will bring more surprises, share the ceremony with the partners, and read Time, alcohol minutes!

A tribute to the classics - the new master series

In addition to the cross-border of the star and the world champion, the Swiss master designer will also unveil the2016 new watch series for the Chinese consumers.

The new TANGIN collection is inspired by the Renaissance classic Louis Moinet clock. Craftsmen capture the beauty of time with extraordinary craftsmanship and condense complex timings into square inches. The bold and elegant style injects new ideas into the time poems of TANGIN. Create a new Masterpiece Masterpiece 2016.

TANGIN's complex mechanical movement process once again reveals a new vision of advanced timepieces: the sophisticated concept of a sophisticated and complex movement combined with the workshop's top creativity, giving a richer look to the precious timepiece. 18K gold to create the watch case, multi-function movement machinery to provide the source of power, creative global design dial: date, week, month, month laps intertwined, three-dimensional studs and TANGIN brand LOGO as a watch time. The jump off-color pointer is continuously indicated. Sketch the time and endless busyness.

This watch is pure white, mysterious black, with an Italian calfskin strap, showing the gentleman noble.

November 20, 2016

Swiss TANGIN joins hands with Yan Ni and World Champion Sun Yujie

"Gifts of Time" brand brand ceremony

Stay tuned!