TANGIN exclusive golf debut in Switzerland

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This is synonymous with the nobility movement.

Gentleman elegance

Enter the Olympics twice

So far, it has not been summarized into the national fitness sports.

Not only the physical fitness contest

More wise

The entire city of Bern is listed as a World Heritage Site

It has always maintained a medieval style

Quiet ancient

Like being forgotten by time

But it has created a lot of miracles about time in this land.

Well-known brands of countless clocks are born here

Want to know why the Swiss happiness index is the highest

Come to Bern, Switzerland

I will know once at the Bern Golf Open.


“A wonderful life in green spaces and fresh air”

19th century Scotland to 21st century Bern

Golf,a sport that combines the pleasures of nature, physical exercise and games

In the beginning of the transformation of time and space

never change

Constant pursuit of life

More than challenging the game, more challenging will

The unique charm of the Swiss Bern Open has attracted the attention of the Scorpio

9:30 am, May 31, 2018

Exclusive golf ball bearing the TANGIN logo

Officially unveiled at the Bern Golf Open

Formally become the partner of the 2018 competition of the Berne Golf Open in Switzerland

TANGIN was founded in Delemont, Jura

In 2017, the city of Biel in Bern

TANGIN Watch as the first partner to enter the event

It has received great attention and praise from all parties.

And fortunate to provide the custom-made golf ball for the game.

Swing up and down perfect arc

TANGIN  Assurance Every Elegant

Mr. André Lüthi, CEO of the Globetrotter Group

Mentioned in his short speech

“Many managers manage complex business,

But they don't live for their work.

Courage, fun and passion in our daily professional life

Play a decisive role."

This may be the Bern Open

Why is it the reason for being the most popular golf tournament in the Berne region?

a positive attitude in the game

Have fun and live a healthy life

Let many business elites love this game

Love healthy life and enjoy sports

This is similar to TANGIN's brand philosophy.

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