Dreaming "Speed and Passion" TANGIN are galloping in Switzerland

Date:2019-01-23 Author:TANGIN Read:1137

As a car rally with a history of 100 years, it is naturally eye-catching, and contestants from all over the world are driving in a unique vehicle. TANGIN is not only a major sponsor, but also a participant in the desire to test, and the professional racer who represents TANGIN also drives a unique racing car with a TANGIN logo, in the clear skies of Switzerland. The next time is higher than the time.

As the whistle of the game sounded, all the contestants felt like an arrow on the string, and the sound of a loud engine rang through the sky. On the winding track, a distinctive vehicle rushed to the end of the race, and in the cheers and applause of the audience, there was only a silhouette of the rushing vehicle.

TANGIN  helps a hundred years of racing and crowns the champion

In this undercurrent racing atmosphere, the Swiss TANGIN watch in the wrist still flows in a hurry, the ticking of the time and the increasingly accelerating throttle sounds, the racing and turning time The confrontational confrontation has become another beautiful landscape in Switzerland. In the minute-by-second lapse, the mystery of the champion of the competition was finally unveiled, and the leader of the TANGIN also presented a simple but ritual-like award to the winners.

The prizes presented this time are tailor-made Swiss TANGIN watches. The unique TANGIN watch is a great recognition of the racing spirit of the racing drivers.

A new chapter in internationalization, TANGIN reinterprets Swiss classics

The 2018 Swiss Gurnigel Rally is a passionate race. In this game, we are not only amazed by the speed, but also the flame of enthusiasm. Just like the unique watchmaking spirit of the Swiss, what impresses us is not only the complicated but precise craftsmanship, but also the eternal and enduring craftsman soul.

In fact, TANGIN'S contribution to the 2018 Swiss Gurnigel Rally is a reinterpretation of Switzerland's classic tradition. In fact, not long ago, the Goffball Open in Bern, Switzerland, also had a sponsorship. All kinds of activities reflect the appreciation and recognition of TANGIN'S tonality in Switzerland. This is also the same as that of TANGIN, which has always been adhering to the Swiss craftsmanship, and the Swiss craftsmanship is also ingenious. It is the core soul of TANGIN since its establishment, and it is the “compass” for the future development of Swiss TANGIN.

Since 1999, TANGIN has experienced two relocations. Now the headquarters is rooted in the city of Biel, Switzerland, and has built a larger scale research and development workshop, and has consistently adhered to the Swiss ingenuity quality and become a deeper brand. The slogan "Reading time, mellow and minute". Life is pleasing to the heart, because Scorpio always believes that only time can create the immortality of value.

This time, the most time stamp of Scorpio's speed, although it has ended perfectly, has opened a new chapter in TANGIN'S in Switzerland.