An elegant rendezvous to golf tournament

Date:2019-06-28 Author:TANGIN Read:719

June 22, TANGIN  Lugano series sparkles golf tournament event

Paul Accola Charity Golf Tournament, Switzerland

Successful Opening of the Old and Beautiful "Lenzerheide" Competition in Switzerland

As an official partner in the tournament

TANGIN  watch  show affection  again

And it takes you to decrypt the noble charm of the golf tournament.

Great heroes and gentlemen  gather together

A game of golf known as gentlemanship

It's a famous aristocratic movement in Switzerland.

Every June, the Swiss golf tournament comes out

The Paul Accola charity golf tournament is one of that most famous event

To be a gentleman in Switzerland

Countless of the best will show off their skills.

An encounter between gentleman and elegance

A leisurely encounter with nature

It's not just a physical contest.

But also a contest for wisdom.

Extremely elegant interpretation of the swing

the famous Swiss resort of Lenzerheide.

Has created many wonderful wonders.

TANGIN  Watch is the official partner of the golf tournament

To bring you an elegant time feast  

Interpreting aristocratic elegance between swings

TANGIN  Watch Born in Dlamont, Switzerland 

Biel 2017

TANGIN has the privilege of providing exclusive golf balls for the tournament

Perfect arc of swings  take off and land

It was an elegant reception for TANGIN.

An aristocratic golf tournament

It has always been an activity to which Switzerland attaches great importance

In golf, a swift swing

Elegant temperament is deduced between manners and deeds

Only an elegant attitude of respect, trust, and unyielding refusal

To accompany the contestants into the light.

TANGIN Lugano Series

Inspired by the city of sunshine, give light meaning

Salute the spirit of challenging oneself and pursuing the highest point on the field of play

The dial is coated with divergent solar stripes and is as lifelike as the sun shines

Classical Atmosphere Modeling with Staple Scale

Simple shape, extraordinary blend of utensils.

Accompany you to every important occasion

Be an elegant companion between that wrist