Swiss TANGIN and KevinYan share the story of time stamp

Date:2019-09-17 Author:TANGIN Read:820

On August 25th, KevinYan, a famous Chinese film star, attended the new release conference of Swiss TANGIN watch "to craftsmanship and respect time" held in wuyue square, LinYi new town, shandong province. His formal clothes, handsome facial features and extreme charm are all revealed in his gestures and gestures. Standing on the brand new stage designed with TANGIN LOGO as the element, he brings all the audience a dream time journey.


The exhibition started with the beautiful ballet dance of time in the time tower, followed by the TANGIN watch display. The models showed the best classic TANGIN watches in Switzerland with grace and composure, allowing every audience to feel the charm of TANGIN watches. And the new product of this press conference -- Swiss TANGIN time mark wrist watch is also shown under the model, uncover a corner of mysterious veil.



This activity also received great support from LinYi wuyue square. Fu wutao, general manager of LinYi wuyue square, gave TANGIN good wishes and high expectations.


The most famous time clock tower in Bern, capital of Switzerland is the Zytglogge. As the city landmark of Bern, it stands for 100 years, witnessing the development of the city and the changes of The Times. It is the witness of history as well as the mark of time. This coincides with the design concept of TANGIN. Time stamp series wristwatch. The classic double dial design and the retro and nostalgic nail scale allow the pointer to accurately record the time mark and remember the good years.


The press conference scene atmosphere is warm, full of popularity. After the leader's speech, the frozen age male god KevinYan every fan and audience anticipation and cheers, handsome debut.



At the press conference, KevinYan was very interested in sharing the latest trends and daily tastes and choices of watches. When asked about the story of TANGIN time, KevinYan also expressed his profound insights on the imprint of time, indicating that every footprint we walk through is the trace of time, and telling us that we should keep our beginner's mind no matter how time changes.


This time KevinYan comes to shandong, as the new product release ambassador of time mark series wrist watch, witness a time feast together with you. With the expectation and cheers of every audience, KevinYan, together with TANGIN and the honored leaders, became the guardians of the clock tower, lighting up the gear starter and unveiling the new timestamp wristwatch.

As a token of gratitude, Chen min, the head of TANGIN China in Switzerland, bestow the timestamp wristwatch released this time to KevinYan and personally wear it for him. I hope that in the future development, both KevinYan and TANGIN can bring more ingenious works polished by time.


At the same time, in order to return the enthusiasm of the audience, KevinYan prepared a big gift for the audience on behalf of TANGIN. A customer who bought a TANGIN wristwatch was randomly selected and gave a TANGIN gold watch as a gift. Fans' enthusiasm, but also let KevinYan good mood, and gentleman and fans cordial interaction, more time male god of affinity and charm.


After giving the gold watch, KevinYan went to the traveling exhibition counter of TANGIN watch in Switzerland and signed his name on the lamp of TANGIN watch in Switzerland, leaving his mark for TANGIN.


Fans' enthusiasm, but also let KevinYan good mood, and gentleman and fans cordial interaction, more time male god of affinity and charm.



This conference was also supported by TANGIN partners from all over the country. To express our gratitude, TANGIN of Switzerland hosted a dinner party for every VIP at blue ocean international hotel, the largest resort hotel in LinYi.



The dinner continues the tonality of time, creating artistic light and shadow on the spot, allowing guests to spend a wonderful night drunk in the wine.



"To craftsmanship, to respect time" is not only a grand ceremony of time, but also the transmission of concept, which is the eternal pursuit of TANGIN. The brand new "time stamp" series launched by TANGIN in Switzerland has witnessed the achievements of TANGIN on the road of craftsmanship and perfectly interpreted the spirit of artisans of TANGIN. I believe that TANGIN will continue to uphold the craftsmanship spirit of fine watchmaking and leave each piece of time mark belonging to TANGIN in the long river of development.