TANGIN became the main sponsor of Hockey Club Saint bats ice hockey club in Switzerland

Date:2020-03-31 Author:TANGIN Read:371

In September 2019, in the witness of mayor St imier, TANGIN became the main sponsor of Hockey Club Saint bats ice hockey club in Switzerland.

Hockey Club Saint bats is one of the famous ice hockey clubs in Switzerland. Every winter, Hockey Club Saint bats will participate in a series of ice hockey events, and the players gallop on the ice hockey field to fight for honor.

As a local watch brand, TANGIN in Switzerland also likes ice hockey. Ice hockey's fighting spirit is the same as TANGIN's watchmaking spirit. This time, the representative team of Swiss meme watch, HC ERGUËL (Cavaliers team), fought hard on the field and achieved excellent results this season.


Grasp the rhythm of time and never let go of the chance to win


Ice hockey is a special sport, not only because of its highly ornamental skills and lightning speed, but also because of its spirit of never giving up and fighting tenaciously. Players gallop in the field, seize every opportunity to score goals and cherish every moment of the game time.

In ice hockey, time is the most important factor to win. Time to ice hockey is like water to the ocean.

The speed of lightning and the grasp of rhythm are the most attractive part of the ice hockey game.

All skills and tactics are based on speed. The opportunity is fleeting, the players make judgments and decisions in minutes and seconds, which is the ice hockey and time of the fast confrontation.


Swiss TANGIN x HC ERGUËL(Cavaliers team)


Cavaliers is the synonym of loyalty and reliability. Just like the eternal craftsmanship spirit of Swiss TANGIN, it ensures that every watch moves accurately and records the time flow. Create more time legends in the long river of history. Let's work together with the Cavaliers ice team to protect the ultimate Swiss bloodline and the heart of struggle.