Gallop the Swiss centennial race TANGIN interpretation racing passion

Date:2019-09-25 Author:TANGIN Read:955

On September 7, 2019, Gurnigel rally was officially launched in Bern, Switzerland. TANGIN, as the official main partner of the race, once again paid tribute to the passionate moments of the race and brought everyone a commendable racing activity.

Gallop Swiss track TANGIN interpretation of racing passion

Gurnigel rally is famous in Switzerland. It has been one of the classic events in Switzerland for hundred years. At this time of year, runners race in highly personal vehicles. TANGIN also has its own racing representatives to participate in the race. On the body of the car, TANGIN's LOGO is engraved, and it RACES against time in the clear sky of Switzerland.

In a tense and exciting atmosphere, with a whistle, each racer is like an arrow on the string, ready to shoot, to the end of the gallop. The cars representing TANGIN also disappeared on the winding road, and the distant track was only silhouettes of cars running by in the cheers of the audience.

TANGIN records the winning moments

In this undercurrent surging racing atmosphere, the Swiss TANGIN Watch is still not in a hurry to flow, the ticking sound of time across and the increasingly accelerated accelerator sound hand in hand, roaring over the car and rotating time head-on collision, has become another beautiful scenery in Switzerland. In the passing of the second, this competition's champion was born magnificently.

The achievement of TANGIN is closely related to the historical origin of Switzerland

This Gurnigel rally is the second time that we have seen the appearance of Swiss TANGIN watch on the track, which also makes TANGIN closely related to Switzerland.

In the game, amazing we is not speed, is more of a burst of flame, like TANGIN has been adhering to the spirit of tabulation, inscribed in the vehicle to eternal wrist acura, whether now or in the future, TANGIN will also with the spirit of the Swiss craftsmen to role model, continually create a more perfect and more excellent products.